How You can Achieve Anything by Not-Wanting and Not-Doing

How to release negative energy from the body by ‘not-wanting’ and ‘not-doing’, from the creator of Mindflow©.

The groundbreaking MindFlow© Method is your key to finally overcoming anxiety, combating stress, and tackling emotional blocks, thereby releasing an infinite source of life energy.

Through a powerful yet simple combination of movements, you can trigger energy shifts and reconnect to the natural flow of life.

This is how the MindFlow Method works:

    Using movements similar to Qigong, we tap into the energy field within and around us.
    This brings us into a higher state of consciousness (the G4 state) where our bodies release ‘happy’ hormones that help us relax.
    In this state, we can harness any toxic energy that comes our way and use it as our own strength.
    This brings us into alignment with our own inner power, calm in the knowledge that we are connected to life energy.

Discover the life-changing effects of the MindFlow Method, which will teach you how to release your resistance to challenges, raise your energy level, and move into a state of flow and deep inner peace.

Tom Moegele is an author, speaker and the creator of the MindFlow© energy healing modality.

After a career in investment banking in London, he developed his revolutionary method and he now offers private coaching sessions and leads seminars and workshops in Germany and internationally.

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