Tom Mögele

Live Story

To report on how I developed MindFlow, I have to start—​strange as it may at first seem—​in the early days of my childhood. MindFlow was not shaped by the big milestones, such as leaving school, achieving a university degree or accepting a great job. It was the notes between the lines, the subliminal tones that I have heard all my life, but at the start of my life, this was difficult to pin down. I wanted to use the tones to explain my surroundings in words, but no one understood until I found a translation for them. The MindFlow concept emerged from all these sounds and experiences.


Born on 20th May 1970 as a premature baby, I spent the first eight weeks of my life in an incubator. A bumpy start in life, as you can imagine. At the time nobody could have imagined this beginning could be a gift for me.


Even in kindergarten, I suspected that something about me was “different” compared to all the other children I had contact with. The route to kindergarten alone was extremely uncomfortable for me compared to other children because it went right past a cemetery. I perceived dark shadows and dark, heavy energies everywhere; I saw how people in the vicinity of the cemetery lost their life energy.



A photo from that time shows —​the only crying child in the middle of a cheerful crowd of children. After two months, my parents had to take me out of kindergarten because I could not process the events “gifted” to me on my way to kindergarten. I was overwhelmed and, as a result, not as happy and carefree as the other children.

I clearly had capabilities that made family life and interactions with other people difficult for me. On the one hand, I was extraordinarily sensitive, on the other hand my thought processes were completely different and therefore, I handled things differently than normally expected from children or adolescents. My family was very challenged by the way I perceived and accepted things.

When I was young, I reported on situations and the people involved with total naivete and I assessed them completely correctly, without knowing it. One day I was out with my mother when we encountered a man who was close to death. I tugged on my mother’s clothes and told her that this man was about to collapse due to health problems. A few minutes later, this was exactly what happened. The man collapsed before our eyes and was given medical attention. My mother was frozen. I was 4 years old at the time.

After several incidents like this, my family decided to seek help. Therapeutic evaluation showed that I was completely normal, merely equipped with the gift of being “highly sensitive”.

At the same time, at the ages of three and four, I enjoyed spending time on my great-uncle’s construction sites. He ran an engineering office and a large construction company. It was an environment where other boys would probably have been particularly impressed by the power of the large diggers. For me, however, the best thing was handing over the wages to the employees every Friday. I felt fears, worries, joy, suffering, energy, manipulation, intrigue and spite. Terms, of course, that I wasn’t familiar with at the time. But I observed how different people were.

Desiring a “completely normal” child, my parents made another attempt to place me in kindergarten. This time it was a kindergarten run by Catholic nuns. They had a lot of time for us children. They were very warm and engaged with my “gift” in detail. They recognized in me not just a “crazy” child, but a person with a special talent. I felt relatively comfortable there. After a while, the leader made no secret to my mother of the fact that I was different from the other children: She already saw me as a future professor because my statements fundamentally made sense. I would think everything over before I opened my mouth to make clear statements.



Our house was surrounded by forests: . As a youngster, I enjoyed spending the whole day in the great outdoors with five or six other children. We built treehouses and small huts between trees to which we would retreat.  It was a feeling that I still love today: the power of nature, tranquility and the certainty that there are truthful, pure and absolute things; air, earth, silence, the force of nature.

I especially liked the time before I started school when I was allowed to skip kindergarten and instead walk through the Spessart with my maternal grandfather and his friends, also pensioners. I learned a lot about nature and the energy in the forest. The older men deliberately sought out places of power to do their physical exercises and became pain-free as a result. I perceived the high-energy places in question as bright spots, like very bright smoke, bright light flickering through the area, or transparent confetti sprayed into the air. Sometimes, instead of their sports exercises, the men played music together. Their joy and the good vibrations that resulted from it remain good memories to me to this day.


I had completely different experiences with my paternal grandfather. His large farm was located in the forests around Augsburg and was mainly concerned with investments—​for him, everything revolved around money. One got the feeling that he may have invented Monopoly. He wasn’t only interested in investing in large projects, but also loved earning his money from , a traditional Bavarian card game. As my grandfather soon realized that I could remember all the cards that had been played, he taught me the rules of the game. I was allowed to play with the adults or in a team with my grandfather—​whoever I was playing with won every round. The adults who benefited from it liked having me as a team mate… From today’s perspective, I would say: The fact that I could memorize the cards wasn’t that important, rather it was the fact that I could read the respective energies of those involved: whether the player was bluffing or whether he actually had good cards in his hand. The card game then became very simple.



If a person had bad cards, he became dark and transparent, he “walked away”—​so to speak—​as soon as he looked at his hand. Those who had good cards became bright and present—​they were quite literally radiant, even though there was no obvious emotion on their face. If someone became “less”, they had a bad hand; if someone became “more”, I knew it was time to be careful. I can still look at poker players today and can tell whether someone has good or bad cards.

Aside from card games and money, I also learned how to deal with animals from my paternal grandfather. They became nervous when approached, for example, by a vet. Somehow, I also had a supernatural connection to the animals. I knew their needs and managed to calm them down. In order to do this, I touched their foreheads with my right hand.


Although my two grandfathers were very different characters, both of them nonetheless made a big contribution to my MindFlow concept in my youth.

When I started school, I was confronted for the first time with rigid structures and those who implemented them. It gave me the creeps—​inside me, everything bristled. As a result of its opposition to freedom, the laws of nature and good energies, school was a bleak time for me. And so it wasn’t long before I developed an optimized, personal learning system for school. My excellent, almost photographic memory helped me to retain what I had read in detail, forever. I studied ahead in class so that I had a lot of time for wonderful energies in the afternoon. When the last lesson of the day was over, I explored life in the forest with my friends again or, in later years, devoted myself to sports.

At first, my undercover learning system, in which I took little part in the actual teaching process, but rather did my own teaching, went unnoticed, so I thought that was the solution. The teachers even valued me when I was able to recite poems flawlessly at school events. I was able to memorize the poems after reading them just twice, and it was easy for me to recite them with the right intonation. This was how I survived elementary school.

In the third grade, I was prepared for communion with other Roman Catholic children. Although I’m not looking to diminish the image of the church, unfortunately, my own experiences are not sufficient to improve its image. I quickly realized that it’s not all roses in the church. The priests lacked empathy, communication and the skills to deal with children. I tried to skip communion classes as much as possible—​which meant that I was almost not allowed to take communion. I owe it only to my mother’s commitment to the church that I was.

Although I would have liked to rebel against the church after this celebration, as a nine-year-old in an arch-conservative Catholic household, I had no chance of avoiding Sunday church attendance.

What bothered me about church? We went to church full of energy and left the building low in energy. In church, people lose their grounding, their energy is taken away, and this makes them more susceptible to manipulation. I felt that I went in happily and came out in a bad mood; I became tired, I had to try not to fall asleep in church, and I often dozed off. I had been given a watch for communion so from then on, I could keep track of the time. After exactly 45 minutes, I got up from the pew to go outside because I thought this was enough time for church—​causing quite a big fuss. Nevertheless, I can still remember the entire worship service word for word, including the liturgy.

In the fourth grade of primary school, it was time for the high school entrance exams. During the language exam, we were required to write a retelling. As I enjoyed reading books as a child, large stacks of them collected in my room. The evening before the exam, when I was about to be sent to bed, I “coincidentally” picked up one of my books, opened a page and read the respective text. And as it happened, it was this very story that was put in front of us as part of the exam! My subconscious had already processed the content overnight and I was finally able to write an essay that was marked as “Very Good”.

It was the same with the math exam: The day before, I had the idea of doing a specific task, and it was this very calculation that ended up being part of the test.  So nothing stood in the way of moving up to

High school was a challenge for me. As a young man with the ability to quickly assess other people, I increasingly experienced problems with my teachers. This was mostly because I was unable to accept them as authority figures because of their human shortcomings. I couldn’t help but perceive the respective teacher along with all their fears and issues. Yet I also didn’t know how to turn this filter off. I have to admit, I was a little desperate at the time and tried to numb myself by playing sports. My afternoons were crammed with tennis matches that were supposed to make me so tired and devoid of feeling that the daily stories of my surroundings disappeared completely. This reality show ought to finally come to an end—​I did not want to know everything and fought against it. Was I a victim? Yes, maybe I was at that time, because I couldn’t defend myself against the flood of information.

My tried and tested primary school teaching system was still working, but the day came when a teacher decided that from now on, like all other children, I would have to do my homework at home in the afternoon. A message went home to my parents…and my world was destroyed. How dare he?! I was a little bit hurt and chose confrontation. Without knowing the powers I had, I began my revolt. You don’t want to know all that I’ve learned in school… It had everything to do with MindFlow.



All told, I got a good high school diploma without really having to make an effort.

After graduating from high school, I proceeded on to military service. My father had described the drill in the military as extremely taxing; essentially, we would be polished. I was already familiar with these structures from school. It felt similar, just a little more crusty. I made the best of it and studied the interpersonal relationships at all levels within the armed forces.  It was an exciting time that showed me that my skills would also be useful.

This was followed by a six-month stint abroad in France. I was just looking for a challenge as someone with very little understanding of French: I was in the Alps, above the tree line, supervising international groups as a ski instructor. As I do not come from the Alps, I was not as good at skiing as the locals, but I was able to assess my participants very well and teach them a lot, as I had had to teach myself to ski a short time before or almost simultaneously. I was supposed to teach a snowboard course, for example, although I had never stood on such a board before. So our boss handed me a snowboard and I headed to the top of the highest mountain with it under my arm. I had an afternoon to learn to snowboard… As a skier, I wasn’t afraid of speed and got down to business without fear. There were still a few snowboarders out that afternoon; I settled into it and basically “copied” what they were doing.  This allowed me to do the same moves and I had the necessary balance. I “basically” was those that I was imitating.  It was about half an hour until I could go down the mountain. The next day, because I had only just learned it myself, I was able to explain to the participants how the appropriate movements felt. In retrospect, I can say that I learned to snowboard in an energetic way.

Following the winter in France, I completed a placement as part of my degree and learned how to use steel irons, files and welding equipment in a training workshop. In line with one of the foreman’s ideas, we were to square off a round steel base by hand using a file. Two weeks were allocated for this task. Boredom was inevitable. After two days I felt such enormous aggression against the file and the steel that my file broke apart in the middle without any further assistance. In his thirty-year career, the horrified foreman had never seen anyone cut the steel file in two before. My anger at being bullied had given rise to an unimagined strength that I had previously felt at my school desk.

I got to know many Reiki masters—​remarkably, they all lived in (involuntary) financial poverty. This makes little sense, because if you have enough energy and are completely satisfied with your job, you cannot be involuntarily financially poor. Someone will only lack money if they are suffering from a permanent loss of energy. Energy is also money—​money is also energy. There were too many regulations and manipulations that made the Reiki system impossible for me and my notion of a free person.

I was looking for a technique where you don’t lose energy and can remain a free person. I thought back to my teenage years: When I was fifteen, I met a naturopath who told me back then that I had very special energy and a special talent for working with people and helping them. She tried to give me an understanding of who I was and what made me tick. This therapist always had enough energy; she never seemed tired and, despite her mature years, looked extremely young. Unfortunately, at the time when I was searching intensively, she was not available to me. “Stupid coincidence” or rightly so? At times like that I was at odds with my life, but something continued to drive me to find a solution.

So I continued searching for someone who could teach me how to use energy optimally. That’s how I came across a person who called himself the “Sun Mage”. He invited me to Cancun, Mexico, to show me his technique. So I traveled there. The crazy thing was that the energy flowed out of his fingers like little pieces of fluff or lint. He touched people with it and helped them as a result. This man did not lose any energy in the process. He said he didn’t have to teach me because I was able to do this from birth anyway. I stayed with him and watched him treat ministers, people from government and high society in the city, and across the country. He made a good living and showed no signs of getting tired of the work. I thought that, in him, I had found someone who could understand me. After four days in Cancun, I was supposed to fly back to Frankfurt.

Like his other “apprentices”, I was carrying a crystal ball from him in my luggage so that he could communicate with me and others from afar. It took four weeks before my suspicions were confirmed that the man only wanted to make us dependent on him. Consequently, I backed away from him. I am still convinced that people can be free; that as teachers we can give our students recommendations and tools, but that we have to let everyone develop freely.

My diverse inquiries for suitable people taught me that many systems consciously or unconsciously ensure that people become dependent and make them susceptible to manipulation. I didn’t want that under any circumstances!

Many conversations with close friends and family confirmed to me that I should develop my own system, analyze my own experiences and write down what is useful, the essence of it, and make it accessible.

After my studies, I wanted to do some proper business. Along the way, as had happened several times before, I’d ignored the fact that I had a talent and should use it wisely. That was probably how my life wanted it, and several people had already lovingly reminded me of that. But no, I opted for the shark tank again and was “allowed” to experience rough times.

My sensitivity was a benefit to me in my professional life, and when I relied on myself, everything went perfectly. However, as soon as I tried to solve situations on a “normal” intellectual, to behave like the bull on the New York Stock Exchange or to understand people and business partners intellectually, mostly what was desired did not occur. This got me into trouble several times. I lost a lot of money and was humanly disappointed to the extreme several times. After, I had to bounce back emotionally and financially. The positive side of this loss, however, was that I finally decided to banish intellectual decisions from my life and rely only on my intuition and the skills I’d had since birth. When I reminisce today, I can hardly imagine that it could take so long for a person to recognize and feel out the good things in life.

A friend of mine who worked with people energetically had long ago prophesied to me that I would definitely have to take care of the energy work, otherwise I would suffer a setback and be forced to reorient myself.  I ignored that as well—​until I had a serious accident while skiing, tearing a bone in my knee. As I lay on the snow, I realized how it had happened: I had been cursing all day because I’d had to queue for so long. I had constantly grumbled about how many people were on the slopes and the fact that I had no desire to ski among this hustle and bustle. However, I was just as clear in my decision that I didn’t want to be picked up either by helicopter or the rescue service. I decided to end the day of skiing “as normal”.  This definitive decision made any sensation of pain disappear and gave me control over my body. From today’s perspective, I would say that the affirmation of my situation was also an “acceptance” (a technique that forms part of MindFlow). So I got up and embarrassingly avoided putting any weight on the broken leg.The worst part was the 15 steps I then had to climb down. After that, I collapsed and was driven home in the car. I had to be operated on in hospital on two days.

When I woke up in the hospital bed after the operation, my knee hurt like hell—at first it was almost unbearable. The pain dominated everything; it became a dominant part of me. It turned out that the orthotic device had been incorrectly attached to my knee so that it was pressing directly onto the hole. Since I could neither get up nor remove the device, I only had one option for the time being: I had to adopt complete “acceptance” of the pain—as a result, it was transformed into energy.

The doctor said that he had really only seen accidents like this in children before. In his opinion, I would never properly run again and would certainly never be able to ski.

What can I say? Six months later I was standing on skis again. I can kneel again and move my knee without restrictions.

A tip: Anyone who has to do physical exercises, e.g. for the knee, can always exceed the pain threshold to a certain extent by “accepting” the pain at the same time. (However, instructions are needed for this!)

My knee was actually injured again, in a fall in the French Alps near Courchevel, when I slid almost 300 meters on bare ice into the valley. I wanted to act cool and jumped on my skis with the feeling of my youth, which I spent as a ski instructor there, and slipped about ten meters. That should have been warning enough for me. But no, my ego convinced me to attempt the youthful drive again. I wanted to show off and was reluctant to admit that I wasn’t fit enough for such activities. I shot down towards the valley, tried to brake with my right leg, but I twisted my knee and continued downhill. The fall only stopped when I accepted everything that was to come. I wanted to get up calmly and signal to my friends up on the mountain that everything was okay. However, I immediately collapsed due to the blows to my lungs. In the hotel, my right knee turned out to be completely swollen; everyone thought the vacation was over. I asked for 30 minutes to myself and withdrew. I used the MindFlow system that is taught in the basic seminar today. After that, the knee was fine again. In the end, we were able to give our skiing holiday a happy ending. For me, however, it was clear by now, at the latest, that the ego severely hinders us; that as a result we only reach a kind of hubris that teaches us to stay grounded through a “crash”.


The friend who had once warned me had been pretty amused after my first knee injury and repeated her prediction. But as it is when you ultimately walk away from an accident without any consequences, I again ignored the hint and kick-started my business career instead. I had set up my own business consultancy in Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland, as well as companies in the UK specializing in “mergers and acquisitions”. It went exceptionally well for years—​until one evening I had a serious heart attack in our kitchen. I felt the energy falling away. I felt as though my heart had stopped, I could not breathe, it was as if I was switched off. Then I collapsed. That scared me. I had always had enough energy, I felt invincible all the time despite many experiences. I had survived so many cuts in my life—and suddenly I was weak. It was as if life wanted to tell me: Either you take on the tasks that are intended for you now, or you leave! At least that’s what I felt. That must have been when I finally decided wholeheartedly on my vocation. At the moment of my decision I was already certain that my heart was regenerating at that very moment. The constriction opened, it grew warm. The mitochondria, and at the same time my entire system, likely ramped up their activity.

About five minutes after I had this breakdown, I got up, recovered, and was like new overnight. I remembered the vocation that I had brought with me to this Earth. To be on the safe side, I nevertheless consulted a doctor the next day. All fine, he said.

But the warning shot had been clear enough—it was the starting gun for my energetic work in public. I had taken the hint: Either I would pass on my knowledge… or I would no longer be needed! I decided to work in my company three days a week and work energetically with people two days a week.

People seeking advice came to me and I asked only for their name beforehand, no other information. I described their issues and situations to them without having a conversation with them first. I always say that anyone can master a so-called “cold reading”! An example: A businesswoman consulted me, partly because she wanted to move in with her life’s partner. Without wanting to be disrespectful, I made her understand that in my mind’s eye, I saw a woman at her side, not a man. Then she burst into tears and told me that she had harbored a secret lesbian love for a long time.

Another customer, for example, asked me if he should cancel an order for almost five million. He had concerns about the client who was very different from himself. At the same time, however, he was also afraid of missing out on a hefty profit and not being able to reward his employees. My prediction was that there would definitely be another, far better option and the company would experience a change in strategy as a result. So my customer canceled his order in a very honest letter—and within a week he had gained a new client. My client’s company created a very special portfolio with the new client that perfectly matched its structures and skills, and today it is recommended for these kinds of specialized tasks.

The more I was lucky enough to guide people and teach them how to use energy, the clearer it became to me that everyone works in the same way. It’s always about the level of energy: When it is high, people are healthy; if it is low, people suffer from poor health. So I devoted myself intensively to the testing and development of techniques with which each individual can raise his energy level and thereby regenerate his body.

I passed the selection process for training with various masters and teachers who have millennia-old, oral knowledge in the areas of healing, resilience and independence—knowledge that was reserved for only a few. Gradually my MindFlow technique crystallized, a technique I  am finally making available to the general public. I thought the time was ripe not to keep the knowledge hidden but to pass it on to others.

In my professional career, I had to deal with plenty of difficult people: Men and women with big egos who had manipulated many people and pushed them into the abyss. I am now clearly aware that in my original job, and in my company, I was not able to offer as much positive help as MindFlow is able to do today.

My wish is to use these techniques to show people that everyone can be free and shape their own future if they have enough energy; nobody should be abused and manipulated by others. The side effect of a lot of energy is a life that takes place with happiness, joy and prosperity.